DCarsonCPA MFC One = Lean Project & Process Advisory

The Quick Lines on Workflow support from here are:

  • Project Management
  • CFO / Advisory
  • Core Financials
  • Deep Research (Economic, Financial, Legal and Technology)
  • Communications and Teamwork

The Broad lines in Context (Expression of the Absolute Value of the DCarsonCPA lines as Focused to DCarsonCPA MFC One lines on Channeled Project Support needs) :

From the Foundation of the Debits and Credits to the Maps of Financials to the Broad lines of Sector and Economic Analysis and the Focused Points where the Teamwork between Macro and Micro Financials, Legal / Compliance / Policy and Governance Technology, Data, Big Data (open Industry, NGO, NP and Gov) , Communications, Teamwork and the Lean Template of Quantitative and Qualitative Engineering skills to help on Policy, Entity and Community / Societal needs in the Economy and Financials.

For Entities (Industry, NGO, Non Profit and Gov) and Individuals, Families, Communities and Societal needs that meet along the governing line of the needs in the Economy through the Financials. We position in an evolving line of Engineering the pathways of Productive Value on Growth and Prudent Value on Risk Management to help on the many of needs for Improvements in the Economy and Financials.

For the Core Lines of Pensions, Insurance, Risk Management and Investment (PIRI) Cycle Project support from the Entity lines of Strategic and Operational needs in Compliance, to the broader Societal and Community line needs on Policy and Governance exists the relevant line of the value at work in the Economy and Financials. Not because the Financials are the end all be all, indeed they are not as the greater value is Societal Value where wealth is the medium of exchange but human values are the noble values of Freedom and Liberty where Self Reliance and Shared Accountability meet and provide a pathway for goods and services to meet and exchange in the Market Place where a willing Buyer and Seller Trade Value for Value in a process of action to get things done in the Economy.

Where the core rules of Economics revert to unlimited wants and needs mapped to relatively scarce resources and the challenge in good and bad times is to align resources for growth of wealth or delivery of services to a community (contrasting Business and NGO, Non Profit and Governmental missions with financials in the right balance).  On the broad lines in pursuit of an optimal Economic Model of growth to help on growth through the proportionately managed balance of Industry, Non Profits, NGO, and Government AND Individual / Family and Community lines to help on the Economy in the Aggregate and on the focused point to map in where we can help on direct and indirect needs on Services, Applied Research and Communications to help motivate productive teamwork on internal and external lines through Financial, Management, Analysis, and Teamwork skills.

These are unique lines of Deep Research mapped to Services to help on improvements in the Economy and Financials from the ground up and the top down with a strong cross perspective to the value at work in the Local, Regional, State, Multi-State, National and Global Economy. From the key map of skills on:

  • Economic Research
  • Policy Research
  • Financial Research
  • Technology and ICT Research
  • Community and Societal Research
  • Social Research
  • Legal Research
  • Engineering and STEM Research
  • Cultural and Artistic Research 
  • Communications and Public Relations

And the Cross Connecting skills on:

  • Core Basis of Financials
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Applied Economic Analysis
  • Managerial Finance
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Markets and Trade support
  • Wealth Management support
  • Governance, Risk and Controls (GRC)
  • IT GRC
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Policy Analysis
  • Trade Analysis

Revert to a core of Macro and Micro Financial, Legal, Technology and Communications pathways to help on the consistent goals and needs of Entity, Policy and Community workflows to Engineer project support lines for both Growth Strategy AND cost-benefit managed Risk Management including the Traditional Cyber and VUCA lines which cover the lot of needs on Risk in Societal, Entity and Community Terms for Security and rational function of Markets.

We work from a basis of Freedom and Liberty and the value that flows through Free Societies to build with knowledge for growth and improvements that can be applied on micro and macro levels as needed to help on immediate needs for Opportunities and Client support and for broad needs to help on Teamwork in the Aggregate. The complexity of the want to understand the balance between Local, Regional, State, Multi-State, National and Global needs and how they function in the mix of Entity, Policy and Community value has been our fortunate drive to cross connect Economic / Quant, Legal and Financial skills to the Structure of Technology and the Basis of Human Teamwork in this complex Age of Knowledge exemplified by the rush to Digital Growth which appears to have superseded the more general concern to the Human needs n Prudent Risk Management best exemplified in renowned Physicist and Mathematician Stephen Hawking's ( ) expressed concerns to the Inherent Risks of  Self Aware Technology (and the Survival Instinct that is inherent of Life) . In Our Terms it is the balance of Entity and Societal success that we watch and support on simpler lines but with a circuit breaker eye to the evolution of technology as the research that we love is enabled of this knowledge age that will cross connect both growth and risk, each of which carries knowledge of the other, through this procession of Technology from:

The Internet of Things (IoT)


The AI of Things (AI)


The Future of Work (FoW)

In a complex environment of innovation and disruption working with the skills of Today to the Quant skills of Tomorrow with forward site of STEM and Societal Context to Entity, Policy and Community Value at work in the Economy and Financials.

The above shared to let you know that from the core of analysis we work with strong lines of Engineering and STEM awareness to help on Innovation line support. That Communications is key as invariably all front to back processes and Entity, Policy and Community interfaces working on the human value of communications and teamwork (which is most global in it's mathematical and artistic terms = cross cultural awareness) and that invariably resolves to some teamwork point where Financials, Legal, Technology and Communications meet through Teamwork on Internal and External (client, vendor and business partnership) lines to map resources to outcomes in the economy and financials.

We can help on Functional lines of:

  • Advanced Research
  • Project Management
  • CFO / Controlling
  • Advisory
  • Communications
  • Growth Strategy (Fact Based communications and the Story Boarding / Mapping of your value in relation to Societal Needs or Internal Communications lines for Teamwork)
  • Risk Management (Cost-Benefit Mapping to managed Risk Lines)
  • IT GRC 
  • Cyber Security Teamwork
  • Audit and Controls support Cycles
  • Coaching
  • Training and Development
  • Education and Outreach
  • Public Speaking

For Entities and Individuals / Families:

  • Industry - Boards, Directors, Senior Executives, Management for Project Management, CEO, COO, CIO, CRO, CISO, and CFO lines across domains on Teamwork AND Training and Development for Staff needs on Improvements in context to Growth and Risk Management as key objectives and to core value on the lines of Communications and Data as growth engines for the Entity. For Valid and Compliant lines on needs with CFO and Project Management skills mapped to Entity, Economic and Legal Value with Technology and Communications Strategy.
  • Non Profits - as above add value in context to deep social research on programmatic lines of Societal needs in context to supported communities visa vi the Non Profits compliant social mission.
  • NGOs - On Research Projects
  • Government - Any compliant lines on Financials, Project Management, Government, Industry, NGO, Non Profit, and Community Research and Outreach corresponding to Trade, STEM, Accounting, Financials, Taxation, Regulation Growth Strategy, Risk Management, Analysis, Communications, Measurement initiatives, Integration workflows on production, analysis and knowledge strategy, Cost Accounting, Optimization and insight development needs for Leadership and Staff. 
  • Individuals and Families - on Accounting, Taxes and Advisory in relation to Wealth to cross check Advisors and Account for Portfolio Wealth. To consider the broader lines of HNWI or Wealth Growth and opportunity pathways on specialized compliant lines of Business Research.

 As we consolidate Top side Beta on DCarsonCPA MFC One lines here the best way to connect on services is to map directly to DCarsonCPA lines at  . DCarsonCPA MFC One lines are a focused in value added component of DCarsonCPA Entity and Cross Sector Lines on the Economy and Financials, from the flag stones and foundations of Debits and Credits to the Structure of Financials as a map to an entity to the Broad Panorama of the Economy itself on Analysis we can help on many levels and points where CFO and Project Management skills align to technology, legal framework and communications lines to drive teamwork. The value of the broad context is to let you know we are focused on being the best we can be and can help on Policy, CEO/ Board and Director level Advisory and the expected pathways of Project Leadership, Management and Sleeves rolled up work roles on Financials, Compliance and Analysis in context to needs on Growth and Risk. Every line of Opportunity allows us to pursue desired next level Quant / Engineering / STEM / Economist and Legal Growth on continual knowledge cycles of improvement and development to advanced Economist skills with Legal Framework to help on improvements in the Economy and Financials in this knowledge age of disruption. We can help on your specific needs today where broad knowledge is channeled to narrow and direct needs on immediate improvements. We can help on Strategic and / or Operational Projects Today at .

What we do?

Advisory (Strategy and Operations)


Project Management (Change Management, Implementations,  Innovation,  + Streamlining Operations)

Economic Research

Governance, Risk and Controls

Growth Strategy 

Analysis (Financial Analysis and Business Analysis)





For more details email or call 917-300-5190 / 917-231-7855

Support lines based in New York, New York.


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