DCarsonCPA Global Lines on the Economy and Financials. Over the years we've worked with a strong lines of cross functional Global Research at DCarsonCPA in a pursuit to better understand the Model of  the Global Economy we have pursued many varied lines relevant to Global Financial Decision Making where we ALL meet in the Economy through the Financials. Below is a Grid Map to Regions and Complete lines in Links:


Americas United Kingdom (EWIS)  Israel India
The Nation Scotland  MENA Japan
Multi-State EU   South Korea
Regions Ireland   Australia
State France  Africa New Zealand
Local Germany South Africa  Asia Pac
Canada Italy    Oceania
LATAM / Iberia  Netherlands    
Brasil e Portugal Spain    
Carribean / Mexico Portugal    


These lines are understated lines in relation to the Depth of knowledge we have built through pathways of Global and Domestic Macro and Micro Financial, Legal, Technology, Communications, Data, Analysis and the Cross Sector lines of Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Government and Community Research to help on Trade, Growth and Teamwork lines.

As per the US Government at 7/2016 there are some 196 recognized countries in the World, through Analysis of a strong representative sample subset we have arrived at a lean template which expands greatly beyond the above noted points to help on productive trade and growth lines on NYC Based but Globally minded support for Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Govt and Community lines on compliant and productive Trade and Teamwork for growth.

Our pathways across LOBs on Services and beyond to the core lines of Financials, Legal, Technology, Communications and the People Power Potential (Human Capital) points of productive trade and the connections on Supply and Demand that is the Essence of Trade and Growth.  

You can learn more at and across our lines under the DCarsonCPA lines on web.






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