DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines on Communications

A Central Line to help on needs some communications Lines on Outreach to help on context:


DCarsonCPA MFC / PRTC Lines on You Tube

DCarsonCPA MFC Lines White Board on Services on You Tube

DCarsonCPA MFC Blue Tie Lines on the Economy and Financials (Domestic Lines)

DCarsonCPA MFC Empire Lines (NYC, National and Global) (NYC, Domestic and Global Lines)

DCarsonCPA on Advisory (Beta 3) - Value in Context (Ecosystem Analysis)


DCarsonCPA CALs Gallery Lines


Pending soon to be released lines on Sound Cloud


DCarsonCPA PRTC Lines (Main) (from Main Site reference in Context to Value on Teamwork on Internal and External Communications to help drive Strategic and Operational Teamwork)

DCarsonCPA PRTC on Facebook (Communications and Public Relations Lines on Direct Support  for Entity needs AND Education and Outreach for Community and Societal Needs)

DCarsonCPA CALs Lines on Contracting (Audio, Visual and Textual Communications) (Visual, Audio and Textual Lines on Creative ARTs support to STEM and Entertainment needs in the Economy and Financials)



As we build out these Break Out lines in Beta you can Fast Track to Services via main site at DCarsonCPA MFC Lines are element lines of DCarsonCPA Entity and Cross Sector Lines on the Economy and Financials.



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