DCarsonCPA on Global Financial Decision Making Research (GFDMR):

GFDMR is a specialization of Cross Functional Research covering among other points:

Origin and Synthesis:

 Some Context in Broad Generalization then to the Focused Channel of Value to needs:

Our Practice began with the Foundation of Audit through CFO / Controlling and Lean Management Consulting in the Financial Sector across the Domains of Insurance, PR & Branding, Asset Management / Investment Management / Portfolio Management / Wealth Management Funds and Separate Accounts for Institutional and HNWI Wealth, Trading / Broker-Dealers, Banks, Investment Banks,  and Private Equity. With additional side Trails into Non Profits (Health and other Lines) and Government (NYC Legislative Audit Volunteer working alongside NYC and Ex-GAO professionals).  The Core of Our Foundation included in depth osmosis growth experience with Engineers, Scientists, Medical Professionals, Programmers, Rugby (which provide early global site lines for US, UK and AUS cross cultural experience) and with some of Our Nation's Finest (as Family and Friends along the way).

Multi - Faceted, Cross Discipline and Cross Cultural Learning:

On a parallel path we worked with Music and Music Theory at a College Level at age 16 which meant that we were well on the lines of dealing with classification systems for the underlying Wave Theory of Music at an Early Point through the Schillinger Method from Berklee C.O.M.  way before we realized that it was in fact a way to work with Physics and Wave Theory which came via way of once again UK exposure from NYC through the Global Business Community and (London - NY bridges on experience from NYC).

We were born into an important age of US - UK Teamwork that provided deep foundation in a broader template of problem solving with a broad map of cross cultural US, UK, CA, Australia, France and later German points on knowledge.  In subsequent evolution we trained in pursuit of the prediction of the rise of Latin Culture / Spanish Language fortuitously to have a strong bridge to Spanish, Portuguese, French and Latin for a greater range on awareness to broad needs. Allowing cross perspective to The Americas, Europe,  MENA and ASIA through the additional details a of one leg of the Great Generations Family Travels to Asia and the knowledge of the  important role of AUS on regional teamwork.

Channel of value to Entity, Policy and Community / Societal needs ( a little more on context then into the value):

Engineers build because they enjoy to see what makes things work and enjoy placing them together to see the proof of that work and the process of continual improvement to streamline their engineering ventures. Many with Engineering skills realign to Accounting, in Our Case it is the Reverse a bridge from Accounting to Engineering and the knowledge that ALL things are part of an inter connected pattern evidenced in Math and the ability of Technology to connect so many things through a base root which reverts to the 0s and 1s of assembly language in core technology for the original design of Computers as on - off switches.

From the base of Audit and Accounting, the legend of the CFA was an early line we found as the base of knowledge for analysis of context between entities and the Economy through the channel of Company and Sector Analysis but even Company and Sector Analysis yields to the Broader Line skills of the Economist to look to the Economy and to consider the workings of the Economy itself across many bands and disciplines (Labor, Trade, Agriculture, Energy, Banking, Development, Macro, Micro et al) and methods (Statistics, Economic Survey and Reporting). The wrapper of Structure is the Conextual Framework of Law and Order and the iterative instructions of Policy through Laws, Rules, Manuals, Forms, Filings, Bulletins and more across many points of cross correspondence and further connection to Self Governance and Regulation through the chains of Governance, Risk and Compliance correspondence in GRC. And Technology and Engineering provide he pathway to bring it all together for analysis.

DCarsonCPA MFC One Lines here on Joomla are lean lines to provide lean paths on support to Services , Research and Outreach from the Broad Lines on Research at DCarsonCPA at the lines are one and the same but for clarity and ease of access this site provides a more simplified structural approach as the DCarsonCPA lines that were built out as our template of open innovation for select sample of much deeper lines which we have become strongly adept on for Policy, Entity and Community needs in the Economy through The Financials.


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