DCarsonCPA ERP Lines:

DCarsonCPA ERP Lines

A subset of our Tech Lines in place to share awareness of prior experience on Data Models, and Data Warehousing through the Peoplesoft Analysis Experience on the user end and Business Analyst end and its relevant learnings through reading white papers, data tables, data models, data schema, people code and more and linking that to the broader models of major systems including but not limited to:

Oracle Lines:


Oracle Financials

Other Oracle based systems (most recently seeing Infovalue built on SQL and Oracle lines)



and other relevant systems realizing that more important than the system itself is the base of knowledge to follow the flow of Programming and Data Structures and Methodologies that define data warehousing an optimization on Servers . 

The Truth about engineering is that it is a consistent basis of STEM that tracks to relevant construct models of data inputs, loaders, etls programming languages of data capture and management, data bases, relational data structures, business artifacts, inline calculations and outputs on the Hardware and Programming Language Basis in support of design.  At a certain level the value of comparative STEM experience brings more through the value of strategic comparison then the marriage to one system or the next from a design stand point. Software has a shelf life a methodology is a STEM science of continual application to new needs. We are focused on the Template as the mold and the variance of the mold across different providers. 

DCarsonCPA ERP Lines will vary rapidly grow to the offshoots on other designs like EPM, HCM and other major in use layouts for consumer end needs.

DCarsonCPA IT and Data Integrity and Transferable Template Lines







and oth






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